FOX Sports’ chief of research tweets the awful NFL ratings

Michael Mulvihill tweets:

Update on year to year NFL viewership through Week 7

FOX: -1%
CBS: -9%

TNF: -18%
SNF: -19%
MNF: -24%

Michael then went on to point out how the election ratings are up, inferring that that is the reason. Which 100% explains the Monday cable ratings: Monday Night Football ticks up report out this morning.

Even better is the dopes that want to say ratings are different 'today' because folks are watching NFL games on Twitter (for 3 seconds each) and streaming things on tablets. 100% explains 17 million Americans tuning in to 'The Walking Dead' and...? The show scored a massive 8.4 Nielsen rating in the lucrative 18-49 demographic. You know - that demo that is not watching TV because they're streaming things.

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