Hey Obama, Donald Trump - comment on this reported Aetna practice

Current Procedural Terminology codes, aka CPT codes, are used to report medical procedures. You will see them on your bills when you leave the doctor's office.

You may have also seen 'established' patient or 'new' patient on receipts.

A doctor is going to get paid more for a new patient, typically, because they are going to spend more time with them than they would with one whose intake is already in the system.

So what happens when a patient is seen whose case is more complicated than the one before? The doctor will search for a CPT code that indicates the additional time spent so that they can be paid more. And now here is where Aetna comes in. A source tells us that a doctor can 'complicate' a visit simply by writing a prescription. If you leave with a script, Aetna, reportedly, will treat your vist as more complex.

Why the hell would they do that? A) A script doesn't indicate any additional complexity. Just like drug commercials, one can find almost every patient could 'use' a prescription. Feeling nervous? Here's 5 days worth of Xanax. You'll be fine.

and B) Why the hell would Aetna 'want' the patient to also enter the prescription reimbursement portion of their medical coverage?

If true - this is outrageous.

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