In the hot seat for blaming women for NFL ratings, Mike Francesa now blames 'less TVs'

The average American home now has more television sets than people (The United States has 323 million people and 338 million televisions). 99 percent of US households have a TV. 94% of US Households have an HDTV. 56% of American homes have a TV that connects to the Internet.

The average American home has 2.93 TV sets per household (up from 2.86 sets per home in 2009).

Last week misogynist Mike Francesa blamed dying NFL ratings on women not letting their husbands watch 'all the games.' Friday? The NFL shill who proclaimed in 2014, "The NFL will be on Tuesday or Wednesday night by 2017!" now switched off blaming women to blaming 'single TV households.'

Mike Francesa....Misogynist. Homophobic. Liar. Oh, and much like Richard Neer - not doing any homework whatsoever. Polls have shown that viewers ditched the NFL over anthem protests. Ratings are down over 10% from last season. The top reasons:

• Protests by Colin Kaepernick and others
• Lack of opportunity to watch the NFL
• Lost interest in the NFL
• Presidential election

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