Phil Mushnick does not like 3 holes filled

Of all holes filled, we wrote yesterday, Leave it to WTBS, home of tbsstrikeZone!, to think it needs a third out hole graphic. It doesn't get used because, you know, after the 3rd out they go to commercial.

Phil Mushnick took it one step forward in MLB playoff broadcasts have become dare to change channel.

The epidemic of foolish — or just plain stupid — additives is such that TBS’s all-time score, inning, count, box includes three blank circles that are illuminated in yellow as per the number of outs in the half-inning.

Why three circles instead of two? That’s so if one of the teams tries to send up a batter after three outs we’ll detect it before the umpires and opponents! It’s like one of those whispered Jim Gaffigan routines: “Hey, wait a second, that guy’s batting with three outs. I think he’s cheating.”

Naturally, TBS barely has time to yellow that third circle before it’s off to commercials — that, and the other team leaving the field, a pretty good indication that the third out was just made.

[NY Post]

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