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Janice Mironov has been mayor of East Windsor NJ for 21 years. (But that's a discussion for another year.) Complaints from town residents have been well documented here. From the dangerous trees (we have insurance for that!), to the polluted water, to the broken down streets.

And that is just the beginning.

Residents have a very legit and upsetting complaint. The mayor doesn't have to answer to them (including not returning phone calls or returning them after many (many) have been left...only to sometimes providing incorrect information). For some reason we became the depository for your complaints. And we've published as many as we have because they are serious issues.

There's a few emails that we can't publish because they are too identifying of other residents. But we hear you. (Believe us, we hear you.) And there are a few that unfairly target the East Windsor Police Department as well. The East Windsor Police Department (NJ) does an excellent job responding to issues in its community. (We wrote just yesterday asking you to support EWPBA Local 191.) Here's one reminder: Just a few years ago the state cut aid by one million dollars to the city. Cops offered to forgo raises and to begin (as it should) contributing towards healthcare costs. How did the mayor respond? By quickly laying off two officers. FF to 2016: The EWPD has 44 officers including the Chief. They should have, in our opinion, 50. 48 as an absolute minimum.

Take a second to check out YouTube videos of EW council meetings. As a resident - you may have a tough time asking about anything. (The Mayor's Comcast 'show' is a better avenue and that is not how it should be.) And why is that? Because seated at Mayor Mironov's right hand is the council. All Mayor supported. Including Denise Daniels. Daniels was appointed to fill the vacancy on East Windsor's council left by longtime Councilman Hector Duke when he died last year.

As the 2016 election cycle brings us to November - Daniels must run for her seat. And she's facing Richie Avallone. So how did the get together of candidates go in the Media Room (No. 601) at Hightstown High School, 25 Leshin Lane, Hightstown go? Members of the current council reportedly showed up to ask questions. (How about that with the prepared questions for another of their own and subsequent intimidation factor for the new guy? Exactly, not fair.)

Candidate Richie Avallone introduces himself and his platform:

Here's the interesting part East Windsor, and I hope the East Windsor Patch and other media takes note of this: The current Town Council takes pride and feels everything is as it should be. As I stated a couple nights ago at our Candidate Forum at Hightstown High School hosted by League of Women Voters of New Jersey, I feel they've done a great job on the projects that are completed. However, the resident's sidewalks and streets have been largely neglected. Also, there TONS of examples of overgrown and dead trees tangled in and through power lines! When I drive down Probasco Road every day, I get to pretend like I'm Kurt Russell in the movie Escape from New York.

I'm sure that there would be plenty of room in the budget to do tree work. Our problem is the council says YES awarding contracts to the HIGHEST bidders on township contracts that have been accused of corruption and double billing. I'd be hard pressed to believe that all of their decisions our in the town's best interest when there is never contrary information or votes from inside the council.

I'm reminded every time that I see an ambulance in my neighborhood, it had to come from the OPPOSITE side of town because of our current administration's UNWILLINGNESS to work with their volunteers which has ultimately landed our Mayor in a law suit that has been shrouded in secrecy. I'm reminded that if someone in or near Twin Rivers needs EMS, they're most likely going to be billed and pushed into a Robert Wood Johnson hospital instead of their preferred medical provider.

Mind you all, I'm not saying we're on a sinking ship here. Our council does do some great things, but I think they also use their political power for their own gain at times at the cost of others. That being the tax payer and the private citizen and even our emergency service providers. It's not fair to the town.

We need a change. We need a fresh perspective. We need someone on the council that is willing to be diplomatic and work with the mayor and other council members to fix issues like this and many others that aren't at the forefront of everyone's attention. My colleagues and I have been trying to help clean up East Windsor politics and bring you all the truth and progress. If elected, I would like to offer that to you all as a Town Council member.

East Windsor has some of the best employees in the state. We'd put EW's sanitation department up against the country. The MUA and Public Works employees are top notch...and our cops are professional and extremely responsive. And they deserve the support and ear of the city's government.

Vote Richie Avallone to East Windsor New Jersey's Township Council November 8, 2016. He'll guarantee a different perspective and you can take your complaints, comments, and questions to someone who will listen and get answers for you.

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