A Rutgers degree is rapidly becoming as fugazi as one from PSU

Rutgers University professor Kevin Allred, who created a “politicizing Beyonce” course, was taken to a Bellvue Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation after campus police said he made threats to kill white people.

Allred, who has been prolific on Twitter since President-elect Donald Trump won the race for the White House earlier this week, said that he was forced to go to the hospital because of 'rhetorical political statements,' not threats.

He was subsequently released.

“even the doctors thought it was ridiculous to take me to a psychiatric hospital and force me evaluation,” he said in one tweet. “it was f—ing intimidation.” (All quotes are presented in their original form, without correcting for capitalization or typos.)

One tweet posted on Tuesday showed an American flag being ignited. In another, he said “will the 2nd amendment be as cool when i buy a gun and start shooting atrandom white people or no…?”

Allred added that Rutgers police had told him they were unable to contact him but he had no missed calls or emails from the department.

He also tweeted that students should all participate in a walk-out planned for Rutgers’ New Brunswick campus in opposition of Trump’s election. Similar demonstrations are planned at other college campuses nationwide.

Football. Basketball. And now...protests. Rutgers, The State University!

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