Boomer Esiason's ignorance on full display with his 'I look better than cancer fighter Phil Simms' stance

Bobby told WFAN's Boomer Esiason today that, in his estimation, he is ageing much better than Phil Simms is.

"Very well said, I appreciate that," was Norman's reply.

Incorrectly informed that he's four years younger - Esiason doubled down: "Yeah, but it's not even close. I mean, it looks like there's a 10 year difference between the two of us."

Excellent point, cornhole.

You know - skin cancer and all that stuff can be rough.

Unprofessional and uncool Esiason is seven years younger than Phil Simms.

"Like most men, I resisted going to the doctor until my daughter encouraged me to have my skin checked, and I was lucky my skin cancers were diagnosed early and effectively treated," says Simms. "Since then, I get regular screenings and make sure my family – especially my two sons – does the same. I want to encourage men of all ages to talk to their family members and friends, be proactive with their skin health and most importantly, get screened for skin cancer."

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