Check out 'Quiet Please - A film about Misophonia

This is a once in a lifetime project...two passions that merged together: Film-making, and Misophonia, a neurological disorder that I have suffered from for almost 50 years. The literal translation of Misophonia is "hatred of sound", and while that's not entirely true, there are specific sounds that set off a physiological response, including, but not limited to: a rapid heart rate, an adrenaline dump, anxiety, and often rage. There is no involvement of the conscious mind; you cannot logically think your way out of the reaction. Producing, directing, shooting, and editing "Quiet Please..." was not only a life-changing experience for me, the crowd-source trailer alone has been viewed over 80,000 times and I've received hundreds of emails from around the world thanking me for giving sufferers a voice.

Check out Joyce Cohen's piece Every day noises drove this historian to suicide in today's NY Post.

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