Jon Stewart on President Trump & liberal hypocrisy in America

Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart shared his thoughts on Donald Trump's victory and why he believes it's hypocritical to call all Trump voters racist. Charlie Rose met with Stewart to discuss his new book The Daily Show (The Book): An Oral History as Told by Jon Stewart, the Correspondents, Staff and Guests about the more than 16 years he spent at the Comedy Central program. Stewart was quick to give his post-election analysis.

Dixie Enormus summed it up, "Here is the real problem in my eyes and why Trump won the election. The media has twisted and lied so many times that it's hard to know when they are telling the truth anymore. Like the boy who cried wolf, the media lost credibility years ago. On top of that, I have not heard Trump say anything racist. I heard him say he wants to keep out and deport all ILLEGAL immigrants, but not all immigrants. The difference between illegal and legal immigrants is huge, but I believe the media used him saying this to paint him racist. If I'm wrong please prove it to me. I've been searching for weeks to prove Trump racist and can't. Post a link here with the smoking gun if you have it."

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Don't forget: Donald Trump is homophobic.

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