Mike Francesa has a bad month even by his low standards

Voice dying, belabored breathing at the end of every question...it's been a tough month even by Mike Francesa's low standards.

No vote necessary: Francesa just an ID-iot

Few years ago, I suggested Mike Francesa’s megalomania is such that when he’s driving — or being chauffeured by “my driver” — he thinks traffic lights turn green because he knows people down at the DOT.

It was a joke. Now? Well, maybe not.

Tuesday, during his expert dissertation on the U.S. presidential election process, “Let’s Be Honest” claimed to a caller that he, Francesa, didn’t have to show his identification to vote “because they know who I am. They know it’s me.”

That’s right, Francesa even has polling-place VIP status, thus solidifying his standing as a relentlessly pompous, self-delusional jerk.

No one in New York, or in New Jersey, for that matter, has to show ID if already registered! You give your name, they look it up, you sign your name next to your previous signature, then vote!

Francesa’s special voting privilege was no different from the peasantry he allows to breathe the air — once he’s done with it.

And it’s not that Francesa’s a know-it-all who’s never right. He’s a know-it-all who’s always colossally — but never admittedly — wrong!

His expertise on the election saw him first supportive of kindred local big shot Donald Trump — until the polls showed Trump to be a long and longer shot. So on Tuesday, Francesa declared Hilary Clinton a lock, even hollering at callers that his extraordinary ability to read presidential elections allowed him to know that Clinton would win, and big.

The next day, the MLBPA named the Astros’ Jose Altuve “Player of the Year.” Altuve was dismissed this season by Francesa as decent but “nothing special.”

The MLBPA also named Daniel Murphy, who hit .347, its Outstanding NL Player. With the Mets in his first two MLB seasons, Murphy was expertly dismissed by “Lost Tapes” Francesa as someone who will “never hit big league pitching.”

Again, “Francesa wrong,” is both steady and colossal.

And his self-serving revisionism (dishonesty) is such that last month, with the Vikings at 5-0, he declared that he picked them to win the NFC. Until then, he never had said that — not on the air.

Since then? The Vikings have lost three straight. Naturally.

Tapes weren't lost - here's Francesa arguing that Daniel Murphy has no plusses. And, all wasn't lost show wise either, Francesa claims he predicted Donald Trump victory at 9 PM ET. But Mike learning Harambe got 11,000 votes is only surpassed when this moron Vince in Wilton CRIED to Francesa over Donald Trump's presidency.

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