Mike Francesa TankMushed Nate Silver who completely blew the President Trump election

How does Nate Silver react after so badly blowing the 2016 Presidential Election that folks are calling for a media blackout of polling in future elections? By rebutting the LA Times crowing with the tweet, "Clinton's likely to win the popular vote by 1-2 points, so the LA Times will still wind up being among the least accurate national polls."

Earlier in the day NY's Mike Francesa endorsed Nate as 'the best' before running down his state by state predictions that was based on millions of permutations. Clinton 48.5 to 45 popular for Trump with Hillary getting 302 to Donald's 235 in the fugazi Electoral College.

Francesa went over the failed predictions, stumbling and bumbling over the word...election.

Yeah, Nate? Resign.

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