Adam Schefter confirms Boomer Esiason was wrong about Eric Dickerson

Eric Dickerson announced on his radio show last month that a Rams official told him he was no longer welcome on the team’s sidelines because his scathing remarks made the players “uncomfortable.”

“Someone with the Rams told me I’m not wanted on sidelines at games,” Dickerson said on AM 570 LA Sports, “that what I’ve said makes the players uncomfortable.”

Boomer Esiason, on his WFAN show said, "I don't know what the heck Eric is talking about. All those Rams executives said it wasn't true."

Esiason added, "Plus, you made all that money."

Today ESPN's Adam Schefter confirms that not only was Boomer wrong about Eric but that Dickerson had a fight with Jeff Fisher and after that fight made it is personal mission to get coach fired.

More disinformation outta WFAN's Esiason

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