Craig Carton wants to know if Mike Francesa censors Jerry Recco's updates

Spurred on by the great ticked off Tim in Milford - Mike Francesa knew that John Minko did 2 updates for Craig Carton's Islanders play-by-play. He heard it and he didn't even know Carton was doing the Isles thing. He knew Minko did an update because he and Minko talked about it. How many times do you want him to run the promo? He did it once. Yeah, he did it twice. He did the update twice - if that's not enough, tough! No one listened to him anyway. Who cares?!

Recall the You can help put Mike and the Mad Dog in the Hall of Fame! failed campaign? (Francesa and Chris Russo worked together for 19 years on WFAN before their show crashed and burned in 2008. Francesa still hosts a show on weekday afternoons on WFAN. Russo now has his own channel on Sirius XM that no one really bothers with. In March, Mike and the Mad Dog got together for a live reunion show in front of what they were sad to see was not a sold out crowd at Radio City Music Hall.) Carton does too.

BTW, how's Mike Francesa's Champions of the Heart Fund charity going? He get that treadmill yet?

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