East Windsor (NJ) Police Chief Harry Marshall to resign: Source

East Windsor New Jersey's chief of police Harry Marshall didn't last long under Mayor Janice Mironov. A well placed source tells the Blitz that Chief Marshall will resign / retire effective the end of December.

For those keeping track at home - that's unfortunately only slightly more than 2 years at the post.

And that follows James Monahan only staying around for his two years...

In a completely unrelated story...last week the Peddie School in Hightstown was locked down as a duo believed to have a gun was hunted on the school's campus after they crashed a stolen 2014 GMC SUV and fled. (They were later arrested on top of a building.) It's the story after the fact that is curious. Sgt. Benjamin Miller told NJ.com that "the incident began when borough Detective Jerry Mecca passed the vehicle on South Main Street and noticed it driving recklessly and passing vehicles in the opposite lane of travel. Mecca turned around to follow it."

"Miller said Mecca found it moments later crashed on a campus lawn after hopping a curb at South Main Street at South Street."

Interesting. We have multiple accounts and eye witnesses of the SUV being chased East on Hickory Corner Road in East Windsor at a high rate of speed by no fewer than 6 EWPD vehicles, including an unmarked Ford, at around 1:40 PM. One witness saw the chase as it passed Wawa near route 130. A 2nd, who had just left Wawa and was heading West on Hickory writes, "I heard sirens. I saw a school bus dropping kids off. Then I saw the sirens coming at the school bus. I realized the SUV's engine roaring right next to me going the other way. I turned to look and it was gone (traveling at an extremely high rate of speed) The cops shut off their rooftop sirens and proceed slowly past the bus. [A nice tip of the cap to Chief Monahan's guys/gals able to keep their cool and follow police protocol.] I looked in my rear view and I said, dam -- it's a red light, he's fucked. But he barely slowed down and barreled through the red light across route 130 towards Home Depot. At that point cop cars were speeding up to follow into Hightstown."

Amazing. Amazing that all that ruckus is reduced to 'noticed it driving recklessly and passing vehicles in the opposite lane of travel' with no mention of the East Windsor wing of it. Go figure.

And that's why we always ask you to support East Windsor NJ PBA Local 191.

Someone has to. (And, as always - send your tips to theteam at bobsblitz.com)

*Update - Lieutenant James A. Geary, former Administrative Commander, has been promoted to the East Windsor NJ Chief of Police spot.

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