Samsung's robotic vacuum POWERbotTM VR7000 takes Amazon Echo voice commands

Listen, we're Echo and iRobot Roomba fans. But this announcement that Samsung's robotic vacuum POWERbotTM VR7000 can take voice commands from Alexa? Has us intrigued.

So much so that unless a iRobot Roomba 980 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner showed up at our door we just might have to try Samsung's stuff when we get a new one. (Though Roomba's ability to, you know, not die even though there are dogs afoot might keep us loyal anyway.)

Samsung writes, "The Intelligent Power Control feature automatically adjusts the level of suction power, optimizing cleaning functions according to surface type. For instance, when it moves from a hardwood floor onto a carpet or rug, the motor adjusts suction power to the surface for optimal performance. And like so many of Samsung’s home appliances, the POWERbotTM VR7000 is IoT-ready, and fully controllable remotely by app. From a smartphone or other mobile device, users can start or stop the machine, schedule cleaning times, and check the cleaning history. In addition, POWERbotTM VR7000 is compatible with Amazon Echo so consumers can control it using voice commands2. --Available on all Wi-Fi connected POWERbot™ models--)

Again - question: iRobot has improved its design over years and years to not let hair, dust, grit, etc. get into the moving parts - means Roombas last and last now. Samsung the same?

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