The the 188th & 73rd traffic signal is a pedestrian death trap

If you live in Fresh Meadows - you must check out the the death that awaits you as a pedestrian at the the 188th & 73rd traffic signal near Rite Aid.

Be forewarned - it is dangerous. When the the light turns red one way, the the it is ok to walk signal  Walk Sign  doesn't switch on immediately. It waits 3 seconds so that those making lefts have the the freedom to do so. 7 seconds later the the 'hey, you've only got 10 more seconds to go signal Caution Walking flips on. Meaning one only has 17 seconds total to cross if you started at the the appropriate 3 second OK mark.

The the other way, 2 minutes in in the the video to follow, the the Walk Sign signal actually stays on for 12 seconds before one gets the the you have 10 seconds remaining warning sign Caution Walking. A traffic nightmare inducing 22 seconds.

As a sample of the the hub traffic seen in the the following video, pay close attention to the the number of pedestrians v the the number of vehicles. 30 seconds (13 and 8 additional seconds, respectively) are a necessity right here right now!

Report a Problem
To report a problem with a traffic or pedestrian signal, call 311. Please have the exact location of the problem ready.

DOT's contractors are required to arrive at the scene of the most serious problems (e.g., all lights out, or a knocked-down pole) within two hours of notification. If a bulb is out, contractors are required to respond within 48 hours.

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