The Jets f*ck you with the coach & GM but...PSLs were the biggest screwing

2008-2009 was the last season we owned Jets season tickets. Sec 236 row 3 end seats. Our 2 $106.98 per tickets were going to jump to, wait for it, $500 bucks each for not 8 but 10 games of shit Jets games. Oh and - we were to be slapped with a $14K, per ticket, PSL.

We said, yeah - that's gonna be it for us. And it is one of the better investment decisions we've ever made.

Phil Mushnick has another story today.

Among the steady laments I receive come from NFL patrons desperate to dump their PSLs, even at a big loss, before they bleed any more dough, before they don’t have a pot to PSL in.

But how can this be? Surely, Roger Goodell would be happy to give even money for them. After all, when PSLs started here he declared them to be “good investments.”

Here’s one, now:

He bought two Jets PSLs for $60,000, plus $750 per tickets per game. Yikes. After too much bad football — often starting and ending at unconventional and inconvenient times — and more “free” chow-line food than he could ingest, “I called the Jets and said, ‘I’m done.’ ”

Wary of legal retaliation for the balance he owed, they settled on the patron being moved to a lesser section — $150 per ticket per game — applying the $20,000 he already had paid to his new PSL bill.

But this season? Forget it. He recently put those two PSLs up for sale through various outlets, the highest offer to date? $300.

So this NFL fan made the absolute worst investment he ever has made and likely ever will make, yet the Commissioner of the NFL publicly pitched it as “a good investment.”


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