The story behind that viral kangaroo punch video

When is the last time you saw a kangaroo put a dog in a headlock? And - the dog's owner saved him by...punching said kangaroo in the face?

Well, it was this morning. And now the story behind the fight.

It all started when Mathew Amor and a few friends organized a hunting trip with a young man named Kailem, who was dying of cancer. Kailem, who died last week after battling bone cancer for two years, wanted to catch a boar.

The group was out hunting when all of a sudden a kangaroo grabbed one of their dogs. That’s when Greig Tonkins, a zookeeper, ran in to box the assailant.

The reason cameras were rolling as Tonkins ran on the scene is the group was filming a DVD for Kailem and his family as a souvenir of the trip. Amor said he thinks Kailem would get a kick out of the clip going viral.

“Kailem would be looking down from up there [heaven] and laughing because it was the highlight of the trip,” Amor told

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