WFAN refused to sign Mike Francesa to do Football Sunday 2017

“Mike Francesa’s Football Sunday” began airing nationally on Sunday mornings just four short years ago.

Beginning Sunday, September 13, 2015, however, the program could only be heard from 9:00-12:00AM...on WFAN only.

Francesa claimed at the time that "he made the decision not to offer his Sunday football show to the CBS network as it wouldn't be fair to the rest of the country when he talks baseball."

Sure, because megalomaniac Mike wanted a smaller nationwide presence in all mediums? The truth is - CBS didn't want him nationwide.

The program has been a staple of WFAN-AM/FM’s Sunday football lineup for 29 years where Francesa’s legendary afternoon drive program is heard (And seen? No, not seen.) each a gradually shrinking local audience.

We told you in October that Mike Francesa had refused to make his 2016 NFL picks for Week 4 following an 0-4 week 3. Earlier that day we reported that Mike would like to stay on until 2/2/18...but, alas, WFAN won't let him.

A 2nd WFAN source confirmed that Francesa refused to make his picks because of that argument with management but that CBS/WFAN had been 'hopeful he'd provide at least 3 of them to the station' to enter into the public record.

He did not.

Now word that CBS does not want Mike Francesa Football Sunday 2017 at all.

But to hear Francesa announce it today? He didn't want to 'leave people in the middle of the season.'

Where is December 15th mid season?

Correct. Nowhere.

It is mid season when Francesa isn't offered a contract, at all, to do it. FWIW, here are Mike Francesa's week 16 picks for 2016.

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