Craig Carton called out Mike Francesa for lie about dead Mary Tyler Moore

Yesterday Mike Francesa had to jump all over the death of Mary Tyler Moore to relay a made up story that she once told him at a party that she was a big fan. Francesa had Mary and her husband, Dr. S. Robert Levine, listening to his show as they drove up to their Millbrook, NY Cotswold cottage - some 65 miles away from the WFAN studios.

Except, as you could probably tell, it wasn't true.

A WFAN source emailed, "It isn't true. He never met Moore in the way he claimed on air. Believe me. He would have told everyone the next day in Astoria and he never said a thing until yesterday after she died."

Francesa has a history of doing that. Funny how Francesa never mentioned friend Ken Stabler before he died.

Even more disgusting was after James Galdofini passed away. The story Francesa relayed there was that, again at charity events, the Sopranos star was so up his ass that he went as far as to refer to it as 'stalking like.'


This morning - Craig Carton jumped all over him for using a dead icon for his own agenda...and told the story of how the meeting really went down.

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