Craig Carton: Hairplug pitchman Zach Martin's hair looks like 'dead squirrel'

This past July -- Boomer Esiason on Zach Martin, NY Hair MD hairplug pitchman, "Ever since he grew his hair out..."

Craig Carton, "Oh, so cocky and arrogant."

Esiason, "So impossible to deal with."

To which Eddie Scozzare asked, "Grew it out where?"

Last February, Carton on WFAN the Dir of Creative Services and Rick Stacy replacement hair plug endorser's new hair courtesy of New York Hair MD NeoGraft procedure -- "Zach has the new hairline which is looking quite fabulous." (Right after Craig told Zach to lose 400 pounds and right before Carton stated, "And sometimes the hair plugs don't work.....")

This past December, Boomer Esiason got all serious, "But gosh darn it, Zach, you look great!"

Yeah, my barber can't believe it either...

Today? Carton says Zach Martin's head looks 'like dead squirrel.'

And that's why one can't trust any ad heard on WFAN radio in NY.

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