Did your kid have snow / ice problems at East Windsor NJ bus stops this A.M.?

East Windsor, NJ -- East Windsor NJ has a world class sanitation crew and a terrible recyclables company. East Windsor has potholes, dangerous tree limbs, and a mayor, Janice Mironov, who ignores resident complaints and concerns. EW has had a system of snow storm response that was up there with the best.

But not this past storm. Reports piled in this morning and now the pictures follow.

Hey Blitz -- "East Windsor NJ is a disaster this morning. [36 hours after Saturday's storm ended.] Side streets got one pass, if lucky, well before the storm ended. There was no return plowing. No sand and no salt! They are sheets of ice today. It gets much better past McCaffrey's into West Windsor and it is almost perfect in Plainsboro."

Oh, and those pothole repairs of last week? They lasted about 5 days.

east windsor nj potholes
Filled potholes in East Windsor remain filled for days, not years.

snow removal public works east windsor NJ
The only way to get traction in East Windsor following this weekend's storm is if you've got pothole fill rising on up.

And the worst comes from a frequent emailer whose complaints we've never run before. "You know this intersection. This is a bus stop. There's one more down the street. At a stop sign no one stops at. With frighteningly loud dogs nearby. We've emailed you on this before. There is absolutely no security at this intersection. Speeders. Cars flying right by the bus some mornings. And no relief. We've emailed the city anonymously many many times. And now this morning this."

snow removal public works east windsor NJ
Ice packed street at intersection where school bus picks up EW kids.

We told you that William M. Askenstedt, former Director of Public Works in East Windsor NJ, would retire after almost 33 years on 12/31/16. Bill had EW streets dry as a bone following blizzards. This was the first storm without him. And his job is still not filled. From the EW website, Seeking: "Responsible for administering a comprehensive Public Works Department which includes Sanitation and Recycling , Buildings and Grounds, Mechanics, Parks and Playgrounds, Roads and Engineering. Other responsibilities include budget, specifications for capital items, recycling coordinator, clean community manager, and management of grant funds. Municipal operations and management experience required. Engineering License preferred and must possess Public Works Manager certification. Writing ability and good interpersonal skills essential."

A third note in this morning (from frequent note dropper TS, "Janice spent a lot of effort on having big ceremonies or photo ops) for both Bill and the outgoing chief. She should have spent more time looking for a replacement instead!"

Hey, TS? Calm down there. You know the the over / under on 'number of times Mironov's picture will appear in the monthly newsletter' is at 23. That takes work.

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