Former SF GIant Aubrey Huff to Trump Protesters: Get a job

The unemployed plan a Donald Trump 'protest' march for Tax Day. Retired MLB slugger and World Series champ Aubrey Huff took to Twitter:

Cody Derespina reports:

Huff often replied to those who tried to take him on, including one Twitter user who criticized Huff for a lack of perspective because he was “a white man in America right now.”

“Come on man seriously there are plenty of white people struggling out there. Why does this have to be about race? U a racist?” Huff tweeted.

Also an apparent fan of President Trump, Huff wrote: “So refreshing 2 see a president follow through with his campaign promises. God bless the future of this great country and keep it safe!”

He even joked that Trump would be blamed for the outcome of Super Bowl LI if the New England Patriots won.

“I can c next weekends Super Bowl headlines: ‘Protests ensue and Trump blamed after Patriots win Super Bowl because Tom Brady endorsed him’,” Huff tweeted.

He appeared to have deleted the tweets by Monday afternoon. Which probably made Sen. Schumber fake cry again. Sage Steele nods approvingly.

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