Here's the full first Donald Trump Inauguration speech

6-16-15, Donald Trump delivered a speech announcing his Presidential run: "Nobody would be tougher on ISIS than Donald Trump, nobody," he said. "I will find the General Patton or I will find General MacArthur. I will find the right guy. I will find the guy that's going to take that military and make it really work."

“I will stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons. And we won’t be using a man like Secretary Kerry that has absolutely no concept of negotiation, who’s making a horrible and laughable deal, who’s just being tapped along as they make weapons right now and then goes into a bicycle race at 72-years-old and falls and breaks his leg. I won’t be doing that. And I promise, I will never be in a bicycle race. That I can tell you.”

7/21/2016 - Trump accepted the Republican nomination in Cleveland. 11/9/2016 Trump made his Presidential-elect acceptance speech.

And yesterday, 1/20/2017, Donald Trump delivered his first Inauguration speech.

The 6th greatest day in the history of the United States.

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