Mike Francesa wants idiot OBJ to be CATCHIN DA BAWL in DA COLD

Youah know how to show dose guys da cold doesnt bothah youah? BY CATCHIN DA BAWL!!!!!

If we ah gonna treat Begum like we treat him. Dose bawls GOTTA BE CAWT. Has to be cawt in dose games.

Nobody cayahs dat youah wearin sleeves, catch da bawl. Nobody cayahs dat youah have youah shirt awf, catch da bawl.

Nobody cayahs dat youah have a one handed catch. CATCH DA BAWL WITH TWO HANDS!!!

And now, maybe dey can take a boat ride and think about it. Back aftah dis...

Dats da problem. Dey made Ode Hell a stah befaw he was a stah. He has gotta grow up. Runnin around with his shirt awf is foah dumb playuhs

If he cayahd moah, he woulda been home and not in Miami. Makin a hole is showy stuff. Dats tryin to prove somethin. Its nonsense

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