Recal when Giant douchejuice WRs Odell Beckham & Victor Cruz planned a duo TD celebration?

When you think Odell Beckham Jr. & Victor might now think Odell dropping passes all over the 2017 Wildcard game - but before that? You had Cruz calling for the 'hood' to kill George Zimmerman. You had Cruz always hurt at work. And you even had those great sneakers.

And you'll always have those 2 planning duo touchdown celebrations.

In a revelation that may not exactly make Tom Coughlin smile, veteran receiver Victor Cruz told The News that second-year man Odell Beckham has approached him about working on a tag-team end zone celebration for the 2015 season.

“He wants to do a dual kind of end zone celebration between him and I,” Cruz said last week at an event to promote Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 phone. “We haven’t come up with it just yet.”

Beckham mentioned the idea in early April, Cruz said, when the two receivers were doing offseason work with Eli Manning at Duke University. Cruz didn’t indicate that the new celebration will replace his trademark salsa, but he does not mind Beckham’s idea.

“The question is I don’t know if he wants to do it when I score a touchdown or when he scores a touchdown,” he said. “That’s the only question we really have to ask.”

Two morons.

FF to 2016...Cruz finished the season with one touchdown. WTG big guy. Stick to God's script.

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