Did Kate Upton steal Olivia Munn's no sex before games crap in effort to pump up failing SI Swimsuit Edition?

This year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition generated absolutely no buzz. So? Muscleless Kate Upton appeared on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" on Wednesday night and took questions from callers.

One asked read one asking if Justin Verlander had any no-sex rules before games.

“There’s no sex before a game," she confirmed. "Absolutely none. And then, also what I just found out is, if he plays too well, there’s no sex after, either. He’s exhausted.

"Kind of a buzzkill for me," she added, laughing.

Hey, wait - look: Olivia Munn, on the same show, had the same exact question and answer. Andy Cohen asked her, “Do you have sex on game days?”

“No, we don’t,” she said. “Not on game day. There’s not a rule, but it just doesn’t happen because there are other things to focus on.”

However, Munn said they occasionally have sex after Packers games.

“It depends on how late the game is … I try to have sex as much as I can.”


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