Dismissed as 'no big deal' yesterday...Mike Francesa is still puking MSG Oakley bull today

The Madison Square Garden Company has parted ways with its security chief Frank Benedetto, two days after Charles Oakley was arrested after getting into an altercation at a New York Knicks game.

And 2 days after Mike Francesa blasted coverage of the Oakley / MSG debacle 'non incident'...he's still on it. Today? MSG shill Francesa read 'testimony' from MSG personnel on the much ado about nothing thing.

Hmmm, reader Mike Parker @MJP1313 points out, "yesterday said he knew every single security guard, today he doesn't know the head of security."

Yes - that's the same Mike Francesa who all-knowingly dismissed ESPN’s show with the Mike Rice video as no big deal — before the explosive show aired.

And you were werried that he was beholding to James Dolan. He could care less.

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