FAIL: Helicopter gets lost on the way to Aktyubinsk...stops & asks for directions on the highway

Mordhaus sums up what happens:

What's the fucking matter with him? He's fucking parked in the middle of the road. Vitya, get the fuck out of there or it will fucking kill you with the rotor blades. Is he signalling us?

(Radio) [inaudible] emergency situation

(Radio) [inaudible] how are we gonna pass?

(Radio) Hey, those guys just got lost. While they were flying around they got confused about directions, god damn. He came running and asked which way is Aktyubinsk.

Are those fucking guys trainees and they hijacked the helicopter from Aktyubinsk? How the fuck can you get lost in a steppe?

(Radio) Are you filming this?

Yeah, I'm fucking filming.

(Radio) Wait here for a few seconds. What a joke, he landed and blocked the road here.

Here's the amazing video.


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