Jordan Spieth rightfully rips adult parasite ‘scum’ autograph seekers

Jordan Spieth is attacking adult autograph sellers again. Kyle Schnitzer reports that, "The golf superstar lashed out at a press conference against a pack of feisty autograph scavengers at Pebble Beach on Wednesday, prompting a rant in which Spieth described them as 'scums.'"

After finishing his practice round, Spieth, 23, walked off the 18th green and started signing autographs for a few young fans in the gallery. But Spieth heard complaints from a few adults, who were cursing in front of children. He labeled the group as professional autograph collectors who sell their signed collectibles online for profit.

“So I turned around and one of them dropped an f-bomb in front of three kids, so I felt the need to turn around and tell them that that wasn’t right,” Spieth said. “And a couple of them were saying, ‘You’re not Tiger Woods, don’t act like you’re Tiger.’ I mean, it’s just like, ‘Whatever, guys. You’re still trying to benefit off me and I’m not even Tiger Woods. So, you know, what’s that say about you?'”

Spieth went on to say he doesn’t have time to argue with people who “benefit off of other people’s success.” He said he enjoys signing, especially for kids, but he has a stern warning for future autograph seekers.

“Our team keeps track of that kind of stuff,” Spieth said. “These guys just have bags of stuff to benefit from other people’s success when they didn’t do anything themselves. Go get a job instead of trying make money off of things we’ve been able to do.”

Schnitzer reminded, "This isn’t the first time Spieth has had beef with autograph seekers. Spieth lashed out against professional sellers when a few kids were pushed aside at the US Open at Oakmont last year. At the time, Spieth said he would never sign for adults who physically body children for an autograph."

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