Lazy Mike Francesa continues to prove 'eyewitness' testimony can be shaky

Dismissed as 'no big deal' the day after the incident...Mike Francesa was still puking MSG Charles Oakley bullshit yesterday.

And then, devastated that his 'good buddy' James Dolan gave the scoop to, shudder, Michael Kay...Francesa instead took phone calls from folks who were at the game.

Enter Peter Berg. SamSpinChat sums up, "Clip was requested by my fan Brad S. The caller Ryan Berger sounds convincing but five minutes after the call it was proven that Ryan got a main fact wrong, how long Oakley was there. Ryan did get a few plugs in for himself during the call."

Berger said that Oakley was at the Garden early after hitting up a watering hole. A few minutes later the Garden called someone at WFAN and said he was removed about four minutes after being in his seat and Oakley has said the same thing. Berger indicated Oakley was there early when everyone agrees he was not.

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