Mike Francesa called Sid Rosenberg 5X per week to come join him at WFAN

We reported that Sid Rosenberg wrote in 2005, "Please stop sending me Mike Francesa updates. Bill Simmons, 30 for 30, blah blah blah. That chapter is done. I stand by what I wrote in my book. Mike tried his darnedest for a while to hire me after Dog. He got shot down. Absolute fact. It's all good."

Mike Francesa lied about that yesterday. (Got the lie twisted as he did.) And this morning, on Imus, Rosenberg said that Francesa texted him 26 times during the lie attack.

Later, with Bernie, Sid mocked fat Francesa as having 'legs that rub together.' And then he relayed the story of meeting with Mike at the Neptue diner because Francesa was frightened that he was going to fail without Dog.

And that's why Eddie Erickson left.

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