Steve Young utterly embarrassed ESPN and must be fired today

Steve Young is a Co-Founder and Managing Director of HGGC.

HGGC's Young sat down with Bloomberg's Alex Sherman to discuss the private equity fund (which is focused on middle market leveraged buyouts in the Western United States). And decided to mock the hell out of his position with ESPN.

Young says he may have quit ESPN years ago if not for his private equity partners, who like him to keep a high profile. When he works a Monday Night game for the network, he spends no more than an hour or two at the stadium preparing his commentary, he says; the rest of the time, he’s holed up in HGGC’s suite, cramming for deals. Once the game starts, he barely watches the action. A couple of transactions, he notes, have even been agreed to with handshakes in the suites.

“My wife hates football, and my kids don’t really care,” Young says. “I see myself as a deal guy first. I’ve put football behind me. Roger Staubach once told me—and I’ll never forget it: ‘When you retire, run. Never look back.’ ”

ESPN is going to let itself be embarrassed like that? In a story with the unreal lede, The next time you see him on ESPN, remember: He’s probably thinking about private equity?

Has to go. Stat.

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