Time Inc. does not want to separate Sports Illustrated, etc. in company sale

Back in 2012 of a struggling Sports Illustrated we asked, "How long until SI is 48 pages long and coming out bimonthly?"

Wednesday morning we tweeted:

Later that night we went into the problems further (in a piece titled, "How long until Sports Illustrated lays off more due to Extra Mustard's methods?").

Sports Illustrated is not doing well. How badly? Muscleless Kate Upton covered yet another boring BS 'Swimsuit Edition' and no one gave two shits.

Continuing, we asked, "How bad is SI.com? Alexa says...this bad:"

Well - Keith J. Kelly confirmed -- it is that bad. "Sports Illustrated is cutting its frequency by seven issues in 2017, to 38 from 45. The cut in frequency will shave mailing and production costs."


And now word from Keith that Time Inc., which has insisted it is pursuing its own internal turnaround strategy, will only entertain overtures from potential buyers interested in purchasing the entire company, sources say.

A breakup of Time Inc. into pieces is not likely to occur — at least under the current talks between the publisher and suitors, Media Ink has learned.


No mystery buyers have emerged and part-interest buyers are frozen out of the picture.

If the company does get sold, it is expected to be valued in the $3 billion range — which would include around $2 billion for the outstanding stock and assumption of $1 billion in long-term debt.

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