Daily News confirms Blitz report Mike Francesa's credibility cost him WFAN job

Earlier this month we asked, "Did you find it curious that Craig Carton talked about women coaching men this morning given it was Mike Francesa shtick intended to just get folks talking about Mike? Turns out it may have been because Francesa took it a step too far and now he's facing a backlash that may have irreparably harmed future endeavors."

Turns out, if Bob Raissman is correct, that we were right.

Is Mike (Sports Pope) Francesa costing himself some future moo-la-dee?

Boston radio moles contend last month Entercom suits, who have purchased CBS Radio but will supposedly have no say on who replaces the pontiff, would have been willing to sign off on CBS not cutting Francesa’s salary in more than half (which is the real reason he’s leaving WFAN).

“They apparently have had a change of heart,” one mole said. “Mike’s mistakes get so much coverage, it’s a strain on his credibility. Is he now more known for being a personality whose skills have eroded than he is for being one of the true giants in his field?”


In 2013, Francesa said, "You can't trust the internet because people 'shop photos' there."


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