Evan Roberts vs Jerry Recco on NBA resting its dopey players & screwing its fans

YT commentator gets it 100% correct: "This is why sports is in the toilet. Because instead of holding players accountable, the media has become complicit in this garbage. Thanks Joe and Evan for helping to ruin sports!"

Jeffrey Herzberg adds, "I wish Evan and Jerry would have a fist fight to prove whose right."

Evan Roberts is a high school graduate who makes every shirt look like it has wizard sleeves.

Jerry Recco is a black belt. Literally and when it comes to this argument.

Matthew Funtime sums up:

Imagine trying to pitch a show like Joe & Evan? A spoiled, wet-behind-the-ears manchild & an illiterate goomba beat the same topics to death and express their mongoism with vacuity. It's more like an SNL sketch than a radio show.

You could play that theme for 3 hours and WFAN would get the same damn ratings.

It's funny, this world.

Joe Benigno should be wiping down the stoves at Anthony's Coal Fire Pizza - and even then his boss'd be like, "Huh.. speak clearly when you're asking me about detergents."

But no, this is America - and there is a chance even an mushmouth ginzone can reach radio heights. Bless this country of buffoons!

Earlier this month we had occasion to speak to a radio person 'in the know' so we asked, "Have you heard that Joe Benigno & Evan Roberts are the front runners to replace Mike Francesa?" Their answer, completely verified by SamSpinChat's audio above, was: "No. "How could they? I mean, come on. They haven't improved one notch since either one's first day on radio."

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