Poser Peter Rosenberg gasps for air during longest sentence in sports talk history

Some broadcasters take deep, annoying breaths after every sentence. WWE Wrestlers are the most famous for it but so are out of shape talkers - see Mike Francesa, got to Boomer Esiason, or even to the MLB Network's lovely Jamie Hersch.

Loser Peter Rosenberg, who Mark Healy said was a poser who wouldn't know who Casey Stengel is, does it with alarming frequency.

Here he is with Willie Randolph the other day.

"Deep Breath Willie it's Peter I was going to ask you speaking of that Deep Breath is part of the reason because there are naysayers like Michael Kay at the the beginning he wasn't sure Deep Breath but here's the the thing Deep Breath do you think the fact that the the international teams take it as seriously as they do Deep Breath did that get contagious for the the Americans Deep Breath and will you be surprised should the the US win tonight Deep Breath in a few years when they play again do you think we'll see some big names who are desperate to be a part of it?"

That was one friggin' sentence!

Jeeze. At least the wrestlers keep the sentences short.

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