PSU POS Albert L. Lord 'running out of sympathy' for Sandusky rape victims

Albert L. Lord, the dissident who remade Sallie Mae and current Penn State trustee, also opposes Jerry Sandusky's rape victims according to an email to The Chronicle of Higher Education. In the email, Lord said he is "running out of sympathy" for the "so-called" abuse victims.

"Running out of sympathy for 35 yr old, so-called victims with 7 digit net worth," Lord said in an email on Saturday. "Do not understand why they were so prominent in trial. As you learned, Graham Spanier never knew Sandusky abused anyone."

"I am tired of victims' getting in the way of clearer thinking and a reasoned approach to who knew what and who did what," Lord added in an interview.

PSU was one hell of a school if you were a pedophile coach under Spanier, who was found guilty of a child endangerment charge just last week.

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