Radio person in the know doesn't think Joe & Evan have a shot at WFAN's afternoon spot

Had occasion to speak to a radio person 'in the know' this morning so we asked, "Have you heard that Joe Benigno & Evan Roberts are the front runners to replace Mike Francesa?"

Their one word answer: No.

They continued, briefly, "How could they? I mean, come on. They haven't improved one notch since either one's first day on radio."

So we asked one more question. "Did you happen to catch Kim Jones paired with multiple co-hosts over the past few weeks?"

Their one wored answer: Yes.

They continued, even more briefly, "I like her."

So we added, "So do we. Especially paired with Gregg Giannotti & Marc Malusis."

We then went on to talk about our mutual appreciation of Chris Moore and Richard Neer. And how, Bob especially, thought Joe Benigno should be fired by CBS immediately for besmirching (advertiser no less) Monmouth University and that WFAN should dump Evan Roberts on Saturdays - instead either giving Moore more time or extending Dick.

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