SI's Extra Mustard gone as predicted

Back in February we asked, "How long until Sports Illustrated lays off more due to Extra Mustard's methods?" Adding:

Sports Illustrated is not doing well. How badly? Muscleless Kate Upton covered yet another boring BS 'Swimsuit Edition' and no one gave two shits.


Well...that will happen when Extra Mustard, created by Jimmy Traina (who would review 100+ blogs every single day, 2x per day...), is replaced and now, apparently, links only to USA TODAY and Bleacher Report for posts (Shocking - linking to 2 mainstream sites for your EXTRA site doesn't ring in the views).

How long until Time Warner goes back to its roots and brings Traina back?

Well ... the answer was - one month. From today's PM Clicks:

Big news on future of Hot Clicks

As you probably know by now, Jimmy Traina is returning to Sports Illustrated. His first day back is Monday. Jimmy started Hot Clicks in April, 2007 and ran the ship until 2013, when he left for Fox Sports and I took over. I'm really excited for a few reasons. First, Jimmy is one of my best friends so it'll be great to have him around again. Second, he's going to be writing a daily column to replace P.M. Clicks. The column will be similar in content (sports, pop culture, nothing too serious) but won't have the same look and feel as Hot Clicks. Overall, it's good for Sports Illustrated and it's good for you, the reader. I believe the term people use is "win-win."

Interesting actually that they'd bring folks in while Time is in the process of selling itself. Would have went with the - hire a kid for $20K and keep the column going. It was still popular enough. (And, let's be honest - it's all just semi porn anyway.)

[h/t KD]

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