So...where did Phillies pitcher Jerad Eickhoff propose to his WAG Morgan Lane?

Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Jerad Eickhoff and his now wife Morgan Eickhoff, née Lane got married recently. So - how'd the Phils hurler propose?

morgan lane

At the Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden.

Morgan tells the story:

...I knew he wouldn't propose during baseball season, he didn't want to take away from it being just about us. So he had Oct, Nov, Dec, and Jan. to pull off a big surprise. Anyway, the first time I thought it was really going to happen, he had gotten us Somo tickets in STL! Now for those of you who don't know, Somo is my favorite! So this was perfect! We left for STL early, he took me shopping, we went to this amazing Asian restaurant and then to the concert. I thought FOR SURE it was about to happen. But the night ended and we went home and it didn't. Which only made me think--well okay, then its definitely coming in 2 weeks when we head down to Miami for a friends wedding, romantic spot on the beach. WRONG.

I will say, he got me good. I never saw it coming, he played it off so well. 4 days after the concert, back in good ole Evansville. We made plans to meet his mom and nephew at the Zoo. I absolutely LOVE the zoo, and had never been to Evansvilles zoo.

I mean he even acted like he didn't even want to go--all the while having this planned for weeks! He had his mom suggest we go, because she wanted to take Jace for the first time. So making me think it wasn't even his idea. He knew I wanted my nails done(for picture reasons, you girls know..) And played it off like it wasn't a big deal that I had just removed my acrylic nails the night before..but he did say "those look nasty, you should paint them or something" which didn't trigger anything in my head. I mean he was so brilliant in his plan, I have to give him credit for that.

So we show up at the zoo, his mom and nephew were already there. And we walked around the zoo and his mom says she needs to run go meet a friend that works here--if you know Dee Dee, then that's not suspicious because she knows everybody. So "her friend" got us picked up on the trolley which took us to a giraffe feeding! I was SO excited--still no clue.

And there we are, feeding the giraffes when Jerad looks at me, drops to his knee and says "I've been waiting a long time to do this, Morgan, will you marry me?"


Jerad adds:

Throughout our time dating, Morgan and I have been lucky enough to visit many cities across the country. One thing she always loves to do, is visit the zoo in each city. She just loves animals.

With that fact in mind, I wanted to make sure to incorporate that into our special moment. I had my mom mention to Morgan that she wanted to take our nephew, Jace, to the zoo for the first time. My thought was that if someone else mentioned going to the zoo, she wouldn't suspect a thing. We had a connection at the zoo which helped us in informing all the staff, what was going to take place and ensure that it went smoothly. So the week I had initially planned to propose, held nothing but rain ALL WEEK. So unfortunately I had to wait. Well the following week, the forecast showed nothing but clear skies.

November 4th-Morgan, mom, Jace and I, took to the zoo. We began making our trek around the twists and turns of the paths, stopping to see each animal. We then hopped on the trolley which took us to the giraffes daily feeding. Making our way to the enclosure, my heart was beating out of my chest in excitement and nervousness all at once. There were several other zoo-goers feeding the giraffes as well, but the zookeepers were able to let them know, under the radar, what was about to happen.

I remember fumbling the ring in my pocket several times, trying to get the moment just right. We were given lettuce leaves to feed the giraffes so we took turns doing so. To make my move, I grabbed one extra piece of lettuce, handed it to Morgan to give to the giraffe. As she did, I pulled the ring from my pocket and knelt down on one knee, beside her. In total shock, she looked at me and said "what are you doing?!" I replied "I've been wanting to do this for a long time, Morgan, will you marry me?" Instead of saying yes, she just covered her mouth and nodded. An enormous weight was lifted off my shoulders, making me the luckiest guy in the world!

Hey -- he knew he could depend on Morgan to help him out in any situation...

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