Tom Brady's SB jersey was apparently stolen by a bad hombre from Mexico

Who would have guessed that the Super Bowl would have been sullied by a bad hombre from Mexico stealing Tom Brady's jersey?

Who would have guessed that FOX would give the video to Jay Glazer so they could 'reveal' it on FS1 on the no one watches Colin Cowherd show? And, well actually, many might have guessed that Cowherd would ruin the moment with one of his dope facial reactions.

Yep. Cowherd had no idea they were going to play the video. Just oh wow stupid.

Later, thanked by Arkansas Rep. Rick Crawford for the FBI's help in tracking down the bad hombre from Mexico who apparently stole Tom Brady's jersey -- FBI Director Comey explained that as a Giants fan he has disdain for the Patriots due to their 'sustained excellence.'

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