Tony Robbins had 4 star 401K advice with Maria Bartiromo on 'Wall Street Week'

Tony Robbins joined Maria Bartiromo on Wall Street Week last night. He talked about the dire retirement crisis folks in the USA are facing. His advice is spot on: You have to get in the game. Start investing right now. The DJIA rise. The Trump Rally. You still have to be in the game. "The crashes that come - they come every 5 years, we're just overdue - they are levelers. They give you a chance to go from where you are to where you want to be. Every crash has been followed by a strong bull market. If you didn't sell in 2008? You're up 70%!"

And another thing you 401K holders - never, ever invest less than what your company will match if you can. Look at it this way. If you earn $100,000, your company matches 100% up to 3%, and you invest 3% into your 401K? Your $3K is really $6K PLUS your taxable income is $97k not $100k. So you get taxed less that year too.

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