Audio: Gov Christie rips Eli Manning as not as bright as Peyton Manning liar who got caught

Governor Chris Christie filled in for Boomer Esiason Friday after what has to have been the worst week of Boomer & Carton in years (that's what you get when call screener Al Dukes just lets things go). But leave it to Christie to turn things around -- albeit briefly before some shtick took over. The Gov ripped scandal ridden Eli 'the Cheat' Manning as not as bright as his brother Peyton Manning. "He got caught."

“Could you ever imagine Peyton being involved in this?” Christie asked. “No definitely not. Peyton’s smarter.”

The Governator added, "Now there's all kinds of ramifications for the Giants as a brand. Are they a lying cheating franchise?"

Amazing that a part time Governor and a part time sports talk show host is better at the latter, much better actually, than the 2 that followed him Friday.

Hopefully they can piece together enough evidence and enough partners to charge the Giants AND Eli Manning under the RICO statutes.

"Why would Eli do that for $4k?!" These two don't get that the deal is part of a bigger deal with Steiner?


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