Boomer Esiason was at the Ohio Statehouse yesterday to support the BCMH

Ohio's Bureau of Children with Medical Handicaps is in trouble. The BCMH supports some 40,000 families in Ohio that battle severe medical issues and folks fear Gov. John Kasich’s proposed overhaul of a program could take support away from them. Boomer Esiason flew out to the Statehouse yesterday to discuss a move that could see BCMH fall under the umbrella of Medicaid.

This isn’t the first time Mr. Esiason has visited Columbus to help fight off major cuts to a state program that serves a relatively small population compared to other programs but carries a hefty and growing price tag.

“One of the reasons I have five jobs is because my son has a disease that basically costs in excess of $300,000 a year,” he said. “And while I do have very good insurance back home in New York to be able to cover that and have enough job security to be able to fill in the donut holes, every family in America isn’t like ours.”

Booms speaks in clips 1 and 4 below. (Though Andrea and Alyson Hoffman, 16-year-old twins from Marion, are the highlight...clip 2.)

The Blade reports, "The Department of Health’s Bureau of Children with Medical Handicaps costs about $40 million a year and is running $11 million over budget. It provides help for low- and middle-income families struggling to pay for medication, treatment, and other care for children with severe chronic conditions like cystic fibrosis and hemophilia."

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