Craig Carton discussed the American Jew Loyalty Oaths discussed in the MMD 30 for 30

This is the 2nd most uncomfortable moment in the history of WFAN: Craig Carton discussing the fact that the Mike & the Mad Dog 30 for 30 includes Francesa & Russo asking American Jews to take Loyalty Oaths.

How uncomfortable? Jerry Recco playing dumb (yep, he's never heard a caller get through and Francesa deny asking American Jews to decide between the USA and Israel). Eddie Scozzare getting sheepish and Boomer Esiason, who multiple times has stated, "There's a lot of missing tapes around here" playing like he also has never heard the denials.

Wow. Rough.

4 years ago, sitting with NJ Gov Chris Christie, Craig Carton mentioned that he was Jewish and then admonished Christie not to mention such to Francesa...for fear of having to take a loyalty test.

*Update - Carton reiterated in his new podcast that they had Mike Francesa's 9/11 tapes destroyed.

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