FAIL: Our 2017 XFINITY X1 'upgrade' experience gets worse and worse

We wrote last week, "And this is why we avoided Xfinity's X1 package for as long as we could." We 'upgraded' to XFINITY X1 2 weeks ago via the self-install kit because HD did indeed finally go dark.

We've now had 2 techs here over the past week. Both found supposed problems.

And, of course, they're not fixed yet. Problem is apparent in the video below (and many more videos right here).

A DM from @Comcastcares during this process stated, "I would like to recommend setting up an appointment for a technician to come out to your home at no cost to you. Please let me know a good time and date that is best for you and I will see what we have available for you."

So what happened? We were charged for 2 visits at $40 a pop. That put our May bill amount to $280 (up from a typical 200). We called billing and they will remove the charges...but only after we pay them! So we have a $280 May bill that will be followed up by a $120 or so bill in June.

What if we didn't have the $280?!

And the TV's problem is still not fixed. And @comcastcares hasn't replied in a while. And do you think we're going to call service again and have another person come out and claim to have fixed things only to have our bill jacked up another $40 bucks?!

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