Mike Francesa has no idea why they just can't let Jabrill Peppers take another drug test

Jabrill Peppers tested positive for a diluted drug test. Every job seeker for the past 30 years understands what it means to have a diluted urine sample - it's the same as testing positive for a substance. You know it. Drink too much water, do cocaine or smoke pot and you fail. (Three ways to try and beat a test are diluting, substitution (that's why they check your pee's temperature) or adulterating.

Think about how stupid allowing an NFL player a 2nd test is after a dilute -- you've moved the window out from how far it's been since they've taken the potential drug in question. ie, that pot was now 31 days ago and not 29.

Mike Francesa is that kind of stupid.

To go one step further - you have 2 types of dilute as well. The negative dilute in which the creatinine levels show you drank like a horse for probably some nefarious reason and the positive dilute in which you drank like a horse for probably some nefarious reason and yet still couldn't flush all of a drug out of your system.

Does dilution work? If you let it and you hire negative diluters. The U.S. Department of Transportation allows a regulated employer to accept a negative-dilute specimen as negative, and many companies (DOT-regulated or not) choose to accept them. As a result, many substance abusers get hired.

But many of them get caught later during random or post-accident tests.

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