Matt Harvey apologized 'all the way down' to the Mets fans

All this coverage of the Mets pitcher Matt Harvey is comical.

He's not a star. He's not even a good pitcher.

He's a less than average overpaid bum.

So here's a bit more coverage. This time - of his 2017 apology.

"Tsk, um. First off as I just did ummm, with my teammates and all of the coaches, ummm, I apologized for my actions and I do apologize from my actions. Ummm, obviously I'm extremely embarrassed by my actions, ummm, I apologized to my teammates, to the Mets organization, and to the Wilpons you know ... all the way down to the Mets fans...for doing what I did and ummmm yes I was out on Friday night uhhh past curfew. I did play golf ummm Saturday morning and I put myself in a bad place..."

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