The Post fried ESPN's dopey uninformed Matt Barrie

This guy made the cut.

...ESPNews presented a week-in-review that included Anthony Rendon’s 10 RBIs, three home runs and six hits in the Nationals’ 23-5 bad joke over the Mets.

Co-host Matt Barrie, with standard ESPN wise-guy smugness, reported just two others had done such: “Who can forget,” he sarcastically said, “Walker Cooper and Jim Bottomley?”

Not that anyone on ESPN would be expected to know, but knowledgeable fans, born after Walker and Bottomley played, know both as excellent players.

Perhaps had Barrie looked before pushing his snark button, he would have reported that Rendon, even if he did hit homer No. 3 off Mets catcher Kevin Plawecki, is now in good company.

Cooper, a catcher and career .285 hitter, played 18 years. He was an eight-time 1940s All-Star. Bottomley, for crying out loud, is a Hall of Famer. A Cardinals first baseman, he was a 16-seasons .310 batter who in 1928 was the NL MVP.

Yet Barrie, relying on his ignorance and slick ESPN sophistry, dismissed both as unknowns.

[Phil Mushnick]

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